About the editor

Dr. Sarah Banting is an assistant professor in the Department of English at Mount Royal. She was hired in 2012 to teach and research in the area of, well, writing studies (but you can call it rhetoric and composition, if you prefer) and she’s recently been making a few things her mission:

1) showcasing the brilliance and humanity (humane-ness?) of her colleagues who teach writing across the university. They’ve been thinking carefully for years about how to go about this tricky business of teach writing, and they’re just so darn good at it.

2) flagging the best of current scholarship in writing studies, and making it more visible to folks who are curious about what it has to offer.

3) getting some of her own scholarship done. She’s been analyzing the rhetoric of contemporary, published, scholarly writing in literary studies–that exquisite, ethical, and mysterious field–trying to add something useful to what we know so far about what those scholars are up to. What are they doing, really, when they write about literature?

This blog came out of early efforts on the trail of (1): having started a series of panel discussions showcasing her colleagues’ thoughts about various “issues in teaching writing,” she decided to start a blog that could offer those thoughts to a wider audience. Thanks to the Chair of Journalism at Mount Royal, Shauna Snow-Capparelli, for sparking that idea! The blog owes its existence to Mount Royal’s very fine Department of English, which threw its support behind this project. Thanks to them for bringing this conversation to life online!


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