About this blog

Mount Royal University is a mid-sized undergraduate university in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It’s got a long history, for a post-secondary institution in a Canadian prairie town, and it’s got an ambitious claim on a big future: we want to be the best. (As it happens, that’s typical in this particular town.) For a long time, Mount Royal was a community college, one with a reputation for giving people a second chance at secondary. One where students came to find their footing in careers they were longing for, or to learn the stuff that would get them into a degree program of their dreams, somewhere else. Now we’re granting undergraduate degrees. We’re still giving people the footing, the skills, the foundation; they’re still learning stuff. Faculty are still doing our best to make the classroom come alive–make it a place of real learning, of real relationships. But we’re also doing more research. (So are our students.) We’re finding more time to tap into scholarly conversations in our subject areas, and we’re combining a scholarly turn of mind with all the other turns of mind we’ve been cultivating all along: lively, compassionate, experience-based, irreverent, ethical, pragmatic.

On this blog, MRU faculty and students talk about something that matters a lot to many of us: writing. What is writing, really? What is it to write at a university? How does the university connect with a person’s professional or a civic or a personal worlds? How does a person learn how to write? And… goodness… how does one teach it?

We take turns, at these questions, and we turn to them with all possible turns of mind. It’ll probably take awhile before we’ve got it all sorted, but we’re going to give it a try. We invite your thoughts.


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